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The Athens Fine Food Awards (AFFA) is a significant initiative in Greece that focuses on collecting, documenting, and promoting food products from Greek producers. It plays a crucial role in evaluating and rewarding their efforts, making it the most essential organization in the country for this purpose.

The EXPOTROF Food Fair, in collaboration with industry professionals, bears the stamp of AFFA. The ultimate goal of AFFA is to establish itself as the central platform for promoting Greek production, which is built on high-quality raw materials, innovation, know-how, best practices, and nutritional value.

The international credibility of the awards stems from the professionalism and expertise of the evaluation committee. Within the Athens Fine Food Awards, influential professionals from the food industry serve as committee members, ensuring the process is carried out with utmost credibility. The organizers strive for objectivity and transparency, enabling Greek food to receive the recognition it truly deserves.

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